Blueprint Solutions PlanRoom

Welcome to our OnLine PlanRoom with Secure eCommerce which allows for Construction Document publishing, management, ordering, downloading, and distribution. It is designed to facilitate streamlined communication among the subcontractors and suppliers for your projects, from bidding to delivery. You Send Us the project documents, we setup the job, you send out your ITBs via your own custom Dashboard. It doesn’t get any easier!

Need more information or would like to request a quote on any of our products or services please send us an EMAIL or call (920) 922.3592. THANK YOU!

Have projects to manage?

Our planroom saves time & money

  • Upload all your project files
  • List as public or private
  • Send out email/fax bid invites
  • Receive & manage ITB responses
  • Track all planholders
  • All on your own custom planroom

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Our planroom makes it fast & easy

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